About Us

Revanta Farm

Is an inspiration from the love of horses, transpiring and cultivating into a stud farm that breeds some of the finest Marwari horses in India.

Ajay Nensee, Vijay Nensee and Akshay Arora who were ardent lovers of Marwari horses for many years, finally established Revanta Farm in the year 2008. Initially it started out as hobby, and now is reputed as one of the leading breeding farms that specialize in Marwari horse breeds.

Revanta means ‘brilliance’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit. According to Hindu scriptures, Revanta was the name of the youngest son of the Sun-God Surya, he always rode a horse and was known as ‘The Protector from Evil’.

Passion and an affection for these beautiful creatures sets this stud farm apart – well maintained with high quality feeds, all facilities to ensure the horses have sufficient space, and good local stable hands to take care of their every need.

Revanta Objectives:

  1. Create breeding of fine pedigree renowned old strains of pure Marwari horses to assist the prevention of extinction
  2. To train and achieve high performances of Marwari horses in equestrian sports including dressage, show jumping and endurance races at international competitions
  3. To promote Marwari horses in state and country, and at international level
  4. To establish an Association in the State of Maharashtra in India to promote the breed
  5. To create awareness and bring back the past glory of Marwari horses to the State that was once the Royal Steed of ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’, the Maratha sovereign who founded the Maratha Empire in the 16th century