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Revanta Farm

Revanta Farm is based in Navi Mumbai in India, and has a vision to present the true beauty and loyalty of Marwari horses to the world. A stud farm set in the deep corners of Western India in the state of Maharasthra, India - surrounded by acres of stunning natural forests and mountains, setting the tone for this breathtaking backdrop for breeding during peak season.

Marwari horses are the finest breeds available in India. This hot-blooded breed has recently received worldwide recognition as a supreme collection of distinctive beauty, a loyal hot-blooded war horse priding itself with its unique sensitivity.

This breed can be appreciated instantly from the smoothness of its gait, a towering high head, elevated tail carriage and its rhythmic leg movement - and not forgetting the curved ears, giving prominence to such an extraordinary characteristic of a Marwari horse where the ears rotate towards the direction of the sound.

Revanta Farm presents great breeding stock from the most superb quality of Marwari horses in the country.